Glow Wire
CEI et NF EN 60695-2-10, CEI et NF EN 60695-2-11, CEI et NF EN 60695-2-12, CEI et NF EN 60695-2-13

Keywords :

test – reaction to fire – building – flexible materials – electrical burner – M classification – industrial fabrics


The AIS Glow Wire is designed to perform reaction to fire tests in respect to international standards:

IEC and NF EN 60695-2-10 Glow wire apparatus and common test procedure

IEC and NF EN 60695-2-11 Glow wire flammability test method for end-products

IEC and NF EN 60695-2-12 Glow wire flammability test method for materials

IEC and NF EN 60695-2-13 Glow wire ignability test method for materials

The AIS Glow Wire is designed for the evaluation of materials behavior when exposed to elevated temperatures, especially when in contact with the glow wire.




• A heating element

• A temperature control unit
• A motorised positionning of control
• An automation control unit

• The motorised specimen carriage is preloaded with a force from 0,8 to 1,2N when in contact with the glow wire. It also allows the automatic forward and reverse motion of the test specimen holder.

The unique design of AIS Glow Wire greatly reduces the drips and damages the combusion byproducts can generate, protects the apparatus from fouling up and makes the cleaning of the working area easier, keeping the machine in good working order in the long-term.

A control unit enables to reduce the temperature setting time predicting the Glow wire final temperature according to the current applied.

A digital display connected to a K type thermocouple indicates in real time the Glow wire temperature and allows the operator to refine its adjustment with 1°C resolution.

The sample travellings are managed by the control unit, according to the standards requirements during the whole test duration.



• Temperature range : From 50°C à 1000°C
• Current range : From 0 to 200 A
• Resolution : 1°C
• Travelling : Horizontal, motorised
• Strain on sample : From 0.8 to 1.2N

• Sample travelling depth : 180 mm
• Penetration depth : limited to 7 mm

• Power : 240 V AC, 50 Hz, 4 A
• Dimensions : L x l x h, 550 x 250 x 380 (mm)
• Weight : 28 Kg


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